Dariusz Żwak, MBA - Quality Logistical Profession

I am an experienced expert in the management of the logistics chain of material and logistics flows, whose task is to help the company ensure efficiency, reduce costs and improve processes.
Specialization: Strategy, Management, Logistics, Production, Analytics

I am a manager with experience in the commercialization of various business ideas. I have proven my worth by building different sectors or subsidiaries. I am a practitioner using analysis, specialist knowledge, creativity and entrepreneurship.

I am a customer-oriented leader of projects that break organizational and market barriers. I like to create and see the results.

Everything is hard before it’s easy.


Human strength makes a vision, dream or realized desire a reality and repeated successes in a continuous process of change.



  • I designed and successfully developed selected business areas in 6 different organizations,
  • I developed subordinate areas to 14% market share,
  • I rebuilt the product portfolio and sales processes with the goal of increasing the margin mass (gross profit) to 3 times within 3 years,
  • I have successfully introduced over 500 new products to the markets,
  • I built a startup „business unit” from 0 to 5% of market share thanks to a holistic view, teamwork and focus on user satisfaction.




Executive MBA |

INEPAN Warsaw | 2014

mgr. |

Maritime University | Gdynia | Navigation

Training and Workshops |

Certified auditor of the ISO 14001 environmental standard

Certified auditor of the 50001 energy management standard

Raising competences in over 30 different business areas, such as leadership and organization styles, personal effectiveness, advanced negotiation techniques, category management, etc.